ProPlanner is a cloud-based construction scheduling and planning software that helps field crews stay connected to the Master Schedule, prevent delays, and deliver projects on time. The software centralizes information, promotes collaboration, and keeps track of every change. ProPlanner also provides world-class service, including training and support for successful implementation.

ProPlanner’s technology is designed to streamline project workflows, boost collaboration, and improve communication among project teams, resulting in increased project efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced client satisfaction.

PropPlanner’s technology can be transformational to the AEC industry by introducing a centralized and collaborative platform that integrates various project management tools, such as task management, document control, and communication, into a single system. This integrated approach can help reduce miscommunications, errors, and delays, leading to successful project delivery.

In terms of complementing or supporting other technologies in the AEC ecosystem, PropPlanner’s platform can integrate with Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools, virtual and augmented reality solutions, and other project management software to provide a more comprehensive solution for project delivery. The platform can also improve data exchange between stakeholders and third-party systems, such as accounting, scheduling, and resource management tools. This would result in a more connected and streamlined construction project delivery process.

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