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Who We Are

About AEC Angels Investment Platform, objectives, advantage and our model.
AEC Angels is an investment platform focused on AEC technology that leverages the collective and individual industry-specific knowledge of our member companies, all of whom are leaders in their AEC sectors. Our member companies are well regarded as active technology innovators in our industry and bring a wealth of in-depth and real-time knowledge to the table when analyzing investment opportunities. AEC Angels focuses principally on investments from Seed Round through Series B.

Our Objective

With technology evolving at an ever-increasing pace, where new products and solutions are being launched every day across all industries, we as leaders in the AEC community are now seeing an accelerated level of new product development, client adoption, and strong investment interest across all levels of our industry. We have positioned AEC Angels to accelerate the development and rollout of transformative technologies to benefit the AEC industry.

Our Unique Advantage

We are the direct users of AEC technologies and have first-hand experiences with and insights into the challenges these tools seek to address. Each of our member companies has strong internal innovation teams and incubators who research, develop, and test both internal and external IP,  giving us further insight into the wide range of investment opportunities available today. We leverage our partnerships to assess what tools and technologies are in development and which ones have the most promise to move our industry forward.

Our Model

Through our collective group of member companies, we analyze collected information on new technologies during our monthly review sessions and determine whether a product or service fits our investment goals. If it does, we collectively agree to endorse the investment and individual AEC Angels members fund it.

We want to improve innovation and productivity, and we’re looking for the technologies that will help our industry do that.
— Jim Donaghy, STO Building Group
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