T2D2 is a self-learning software platform that detects and classifies visible damage to structures and materials. T2D2 applies the latest advances in AI – specifically, deep learning for computer vision – to detect and localize damage by analyzing inspection images. The company’s platform processes imagery captured by drones, mobile devices, or conventional cameras. T2D2’s AI cloud software helps building inspectors and owners automate drone-assisted damage detection through seamless data capture, analysis, and monitoring.

In the AEC industry, T2D2’s technology can be transformational in several ways. Firstly, it can significantly improve the accuracy and speed of quality control inspections, helping to ensure that buildings and infrastructure meet regulatory standards and are built to the required specifications.

T2D2’s technology can also complement and support other technologies within the AEC ecosystem. For example, it can be integrated with building information modeling (BIM) software to enhance the accuracy of 3D models and identify potential design flaws. It can also be used in conjunction with construction project management software to improve project scheduling and reduce the risk of delays.

Overall, T2D2’s technology has the potential to significantly improve the performance of building envelopes, and its integration with other technologies can further enhance the AEC industry’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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