Falk Built

Falkbuilt is a construction technology company that provides prefabricated modular building materials and solutions for commercial and residential construction projects. Their signature product is the Falkbuilt Interior Environment System, which includes everything from walls, doors, and ceilings to integrated technology and furniture. The system is designed for rapid and efficient installation, customization, and reconfiguration, making it ideal for modern, flexible office spaces and other commercial environments.

Falkbuilt specializes in the creation of digital building components. Its technology uses CNC (computer numerical control) manufacturing principles to fabricate architectural elements, such as walls, doors, and cabinets. It provides an end-to-end solution for digital building parts manufacturing that is faster, more cost-effective, and more environmentally sustainable compared to traditional construction methods.

The technology that Falkbuilt offers is transformational to the AEC industry because it can address many of the industry’s biggest challenges. Falkbuilt’s technology can help construction companies improve their productivity, reduce their reliance on manual labor, shorten project timelines, and create more sustainable buildings. It can also help reduce waste and improve the quality of the building components.

Falkbuilt’s technology can complement and support other technologies that are part of the AEC ecosystem. For example, it can work with BIM (Building Information Modeling) software to streamline workflows from design to fabrication to installation. It can also integrate with construction project management tools to help teams track progress, manage resources, and communicate more effectively. Overall, Falkbuilt’s technology can bring significant benefits to the AEC industry and help transform how buildings are designed, fabricated, and constructed.

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