Green Badger

Green Badger is a construction sustainability platform and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that automates sustainability in the built environment. It helps to save money and time managing LEED and ESG reporting by up to 65%. It offers LEED documentation services and enables tracking of LEED project progress, verification of green building products, and integration of ESG data. It is trusted by top green construction companies in the US.

Green Badger also provides professional services, including energy modeling and commissioning, to help with LEED documentation and certification. The technology used by Green Badger can be transformational to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry as it allows for streamlined data management and tracking throughout the construction process, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance with environmental and sustainability standards.

Green Badger’s platform can complement and support other technologies making up the AEC ecosystem in several ways. The platform can integrate with other software solutions used in the AEC industry, allowing for increased collaboration between teams and real-time data sharing. Additionally, by providing a centralized platform for managing sustainability data, it can complement other technologies used for building information modeling (BIM) and energy analysis, providing a more comprehensive overview of a project’s environmental impact. Overall, Green Badger’s platform can help organizations better manage their projects, making the construction process more efficient and sustainable.

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