OpenSpace image documentation software uses artificial intelligence to create navigable 360-degree representations of construction sites. Videos or photos can be captured during a site walk through and uploaded to the cloud. The images are then sorted, analyzed and annotated using computer vision. OpenSpace aims to revolutionize the industry’s approach to construction and real estate management by reducing the cost, time and effort involved in building and operating projects. They have seen adoption of their core product skyrocket as more construction firms shift to remote collaboration in 2020.

“As members of the AEC community, we are witnessing a transformative period in our industry with new software, integrated platforms, equipment, and products coming to market almost daily. We joined together to form AEC Angels to bring a strategic investing approach to these new opportunities,” says Tom Scarangello, Executive Chairman, Thornton Tomasetti.

“In the construction sector, we are seeing multiple project management and construction supervision platforms driving efficiencies and improved cost and schedule results system-wide,” says James Donaghy, Executive Chairman, STO Building Group. “We’re excited to support Rhumbix and OpenSpace as they work to help our industry be as innovative and forward-thinking as we can.” Says Chris Sharples, Principal of SHoP Architects. Finally, Cyrus Izzo, Co-President of Syska Hennessy, adds “We believe AEC Angels brings a unique advantage as we use our industry-based expertise to assess and later assist the companies we invest in.

“Each of the AEC Angel member companies has active internal innovation and technology initiatives, in many cases including incubator or accelerator platforms,” says Grant McCullagh, AEC Angels’ Managing Director. “As such, they are able to offer significant, well-informed levels of industry-based assessment and support.”

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