OpenSpace is a construction reality capture software that provides next-generation technology for capturing jobsites. Its Vision Engine maps photos to plans automatically, providing a complete, as-built record of the building from pre-construction to handover and operation. OpenSpace offers tools for progress tracking, work verification, and accountability, as well as integrations with project management platforms. By using OpenSpace, construction companies can save on costs, accelerate project schedules, and improve asset management. OpenSpace offers products suitable for various stakeholders in the construction industry, including trades, general contractors, and owners.’s technology can be transformational to the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry in several ways. First, it offers a more accurate and efficient way of tracking and monitoring construction progress, making it easier for teams to identify and address potential issues before they become bigger problems. Second, its documentation feature allows teams to maintain a digital record of construction sites, which can be useful in dispute resolution or insurance claims. Finally,’s platform allows for increased collaboration between teams working on construction sites, improving communication and overall project efficiency.

Complementing other technologies in the AEC industry,’s platform can integrate with other software and tools commonly used in construction projects. For instance, it can integrate with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to provide an accurate, up-to-date visual representation of a construction project’s progress. Additionally,’s technology can also be combined with drone or laser scanning software to achieve accurate and fast measurements of construction sites. Overall,’s platform can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of existing AEC technologies, helping construction teams more effectively manage projects and improve outcomes.

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