Reconstruct is a provider of a SaaS platform for construction and real estate. The platform provides indoor/outdoor views for project stakeholders to track and resolve project issues in a virtual environment before they impact cost and schedule. It enables project executives to proactively and precisely manage construction progress including quality control, progress monitoring and risk mitigation. Reconstruct was founded in 2016 and is used by industry leaders in North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia who experience a 50% improvement in on time completion, 30% reduction in time necessary to report field level progress, and a 50% reduction in site visits necessary by project executives.

Reconstruct is a technology company that provides a visual data platform for construction and real estate projects. The company’s technology is transformational for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry because it leverages artificial intelligence, computer vision, and 3D reconstruction technology to enable real-time visual documentation, progress tracking, and quality control for construction projects.

Reconstruct’s platform allows stakeholders in the construction process to access accurate, up-to-date visual data from any location, facilitating better communication, collaboration, and decision-making. It can also help to reduce errors and delays, improve safety, and enhance project outcomes by providing better visibility and control over the construction process.

In terms of complementing and supporting other technologies in the AEC ecosystem, Reconstruct’s platform can integrate with other tools, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, to provide additional data and insights. It can also be used in conjunction with drones, virtual and augmented reality solutions, and other emerging technologies to provide a comprehensive view of construction projects.

Overall, Reconstruct’s technology has the potential to transform the AEC industry by improving project efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing collaboration and communication among all stakeholders.

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