Rhumbix is a time and resource management platform built specifically for the construction industry. Their mobile app allows for easy capture of time, equipment, and material data, which can then be used to generate daily and weekly reports. With configurable workflows and analytics, Rhumbix aims to simplify critical field reports and reduce the time and effort spent on reporting. The platform is designed to be used by all members of a construction team, from foremen to accounting and payroll. Rhumbix also offers pain-free implementation, with training and deployment taking as little as two weeks.

Rhumbix’s technology is transformational to the AEC industry because it allows for much greater visibility and transparency in field operations. By automating data collection and providing real-time insights, Rhumbix helps construction companies optimize their processes and avoid costly mistakes. This has the potential to save significant time and money on construction projects, as well as reduce risk.

In terms of complementing other technologies in the AEC ecosystem, Rhumbix’s software integrates seamlessly with several other construction management tools, such as Procore and PlanGrid. This integration allows for an end-to-end solution for construction project management, from the planning phase through to the construction phase and beyond.

Overall, Rhumbix’s technology is a game-changer for the construction industry as related to time and resource management, reporting, and analytics for construction projects of all type.

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