Skema is the only design software that leverages the valuable intellectual property locked up in a design firm’s past projects and the associated  building information model (BIM) data. Skema applies advanced technologies including machine learning to help firms unlock this untapped asset.

Skema enables architects to repurpose their firm’s past successful designs and standards to deliver proposals and finished designs with less effort and greater precision. Skema automatically generates highly detailed and fully integrated Building Information Models (BIM) models from schematic design. This creation of BIM deliverables – traditionally a time-intensive task – can be achieved in minutes, dramatically improving a firm’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

In addition, because Skema delivers highly constructible designs in a fraction of the time, owners and developers can gain significant time-to-market advantages for applications including industrialized construction and adaptive reuse.

Recent Project Outcomes

  • Designers – Six to eight weeks. In design charettes with our architecture clients, design principals have said Skema accelerates their design process by six to eight weeks.
  • Owners – Two hours instead of three months. An owner was considering converting its commercial office building to housing or hospitality use. A study compared the Skema approach to traditional methods. The owner said that it took their staff about three months to deliver a yield study at the same level of precision that the Skema team delivered in two hours.

Skema is a cloud-based web application with an independent technology stack. It can easily work with a firm’s selected applications, conceptual design tools, and design platforms. Skema integrates with sustainability analysis tools, with plans for structural design and mechanical electrical and plumbing (MEP) integrations, as well as other best in class technologies.


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